Guitar Teacher for 11 Year Old Boy

My son's guitar teacher recently passed away.  We are heartbroken at the loss of such a lovely human.  My son is inspired to continue his lessons.  Can you recommend a great guitar teacher that is local and great with children?  We want a low stress, high fun environment.  Any leads appreciated! 

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I wholeheartedly recommend Raphi Gottesman as a guitar teacher for kids.  He is exactly what you write about - teaches in a low stress, high fun environment.  He teaches and/or suggests songs the kids are interested in learning. He does both acoustic and electric (and even ukuleles) in a little studio behind his house in the Laurel District of Oakland.  My grandchild took lessons from him for a year at age 12 and their friend has been taking lessons from Raphi for about 4 years - starting at age 10.  His email is gottesmanraphi [at] and his phone # is 614-581-1719.  


I highly recommend Steve Gibson who taught my son at an early age all through his teen years.  He is also co-director of BandWorks and teaches at Cazadero Family Music Camp.  Email BandWorks for his contact info.  He's fantastic.  Your son may want to join BandWorks as well; it's a lot of fun. 

Highly recommend Wayne Anderson. He is so kind and patient and teaches both kids and adults. Guitar and drums as well as other instruments.

He teaches in Alameda and on-line.  I liked working with him so much I recommended my nephew on the East Coast to sign up once he started offering Zoom.