Guided family meditation classes in East Bay

I am in search of in-person guided family meditation classes.  I used to belong to this Buddhist center in Brooklyn NY, where they had an hour of guided meditation with some Buddhist teachings and I loved it. I really want to introduce our 7-year-old to mindfulness practices and have a place where we meet once a week with other like-minded people. Can anyone recommend similar classes/centers here in the East Bay? Many thanks!  

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Hi there! I know East Bay Meditation Center has a mindfulness class/group for parents but I’m not sure about offerings that would include your kiddo. Spirit Rock has family programming including some family retreats, but again not sure about regular sessions that are what you’re looking for. I would reach out to East Bay Meditation Center, because sometimes there are more informal groups like this that emerge from the greater practitioner community. Good luck!

Google Berkeley Sangha  There are many sanghas in the area, which do dharma talks and meditate, depending on the group.  Also perhaps chant the sutras etc.  Some Buddhists do a lot of meditation, some don't, but I hope you can find something that works for you.