Growing Light Montessori in Oakland or Rockridge Montessori?

Hi everyone, our family is moving over to the east bay in the summer/fall of 2020 and we are going to be switching preschools for our younger son (age 2.5 currently). We toured RMS about a year ago and put ourselves on the waitlist, but only recently toured Growing Light in Oakland. I was impressed by Growing Light and was curious if anyone else was choosing between these two schools, or had experience with either of these (either positive or negative?) One benefit of Growing Light is that it is close to Head-Royce where we may be sending our older child. Just curious if anyone had any thoughts on either school, any advice is much appreciated!!

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Hey! We also moved to the east bay and I enrolled my 3.5 year old son at GLMS. I heard great things from other parents and that they prepare kids for kindergarten really well. We’ve been there 4 months now and really happy with it! The teachers are excellent and love what they do. The parent community also seems strong. Ive been really happy with the learning and social skills my son is getting. No complaints at all- only good things!!!! Especially if it’s near your other drop off - do what’s the most simple. :)