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I am looking for a grief counsellor/therapist who can work with my friend and her kids on the recent loss of their toddler. This would be online due to the pandemic. African American therapist recommendations would be especially helpful.

thank you

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Naima Hart, MFT

Address: 6355 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609                

Phone(510) 631-1362

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Hi, I’m so sorry for your friend’s loss. I’m a facilitator at Josie’s Place, which provides support groups for grieving children and their caregivers. The ED, Pat Murphy, has many connections to grief resources and might be of help to your friend. The website is .

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Brandy Gadson
She may be able to provide referrals even if she is not available.

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Si sorry to hear about the loss of your friend’s toddler!

I’d recommend Diana Hernandez, she can help your friend, certified Grief counselor, she can be reached at diana [at]

I hope your friend and family feel better soon.