Great Psycho-Educational Evaluation (for teen girl)?

Hi — can anyone recommend a good (or great!) place to have a thorough psycho-educational evaluation / assessment done for a high-functioning teen...?

We are looking to identify and help resolve learning challenges related to anxiety and possibly also with reading.

Thank you!!


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 Summit Center in Walnut Creek has multiple services for teens with varied struggles (emotional and academic) .  I heard about it as an alternative to simple  homework support when I was looking for support for my teenage son.  At the time, we went to the Ann Martin Center, because it was closer.  The Ann Martin center has since closed.


When my daughter was a rising third grader we utilized James Adams (drjamessadams [at] She's cognitively high functioning and diagnosed with dyslexia. He provided an extremely thorough report. I most appreciated that his recommendations were so specific and really helped us identify what supports she needed and what potential gaps we should keep an eye on.

He's a professor, very engaging and he's seen a lot so he is able to speak with clarity on a diverse range of presentations. I highly recommend him. We had our daughter evaluated by another provider recommended by the school years later and were just not as pleased with the clarity of the evaluation and recommendations for next steps.

We saw Dr. Jack Davis in Lafayette and he was very thorough and helpful. Good luck!