Great pans for roasting/broiling veggies

I use pans of various materials to roast and broil veggies (which is something I do everyday). My earthenware pans have held up the best (no cracks, no warping), but they do not brown and crisp the veggies as much as I would like. I use my stainless steel ones for certain veggies, but these tend to warp. I have enjoyed using glass and ceramic most, but in the past week, 2 of them have cracked. Can people offer brand suggestions for ceramic or glass that can withstand very high heat and repeated use *and* can crisp veggies? Thanks!

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I just use standard restaurant-style sheet pans (aka jelly roll pans).  Nordic Ware, which is available on Amazon, holds up well and have not warped after years of use. I have a few quarter-size and half-size pans, depending on how much I'm making.  I never use ceramic or glass  because the taller sides prevent hot air from getting at whatever you are roasting and it won't crisp as easily. Also, stainless steel is a better conductor, so the bottom of your veggies will crisp faster.  The metal pans are not as pretty, however.  If  you have a convection oven, I also recommend using that feature. 

I love the way my friend roasts veggies and she has done it at my house with Pyrex and I imagine earthenware would act similarly. she gets them so nice and crisp and flavorful. She told me the trick is to heat the pan in the oven first then add the veggies to a hot pan after having tossed them in olive oil/salt/pepper. They turn out crisp the way they do with a metal pan. Thought i’d share In case you haven’t tried this simple solution yet.

Happy cooking! 

I find the best pan for roasting veggies is a baker's half-sheet - nothing else browns quite as well! America's Test Kitchen did a comparison and took warping into consideration, and their favorite is the Nordic Ware Baker's Half Sheet, which is what I use at home. It hasn't warped for me after repeated use. Here's their video: and here's a link to the product on Amazon

I love my Lodge cast iron skillet and a Le Creuset roasting pan, both work wonders!

We use a very thick stainless steel rimmed baking sheet, also known as a jelly roll pan for roasting veggies in the oven. Vollrath and Nordic Ware are good brands.

I think the issue with your pans might be more related to the height of the sides of the pans--higher sides hinder air/heat circulation in the pan, so the veggies steam a little instead of drying out, which leads to crisping/browning. I've had the best success with sheet pans/jelly roll pans, which I have bought at Smart & Final in the past, but I am sure you can also find them at Target or Sur La Table. On the other hand, I have often used a clear glass Pyrex roasting pan for roasting chicken and vegetables, and if the veggies are spread out enough and not crowded, they do get some crispness, so maybe a Pyrex pan will do the trick for you? (I often find Pyrex at thrift stores.)

Cast iron. can go in oven, under broiler, and stove top.

read up on cleaning and care before you use one, they last forever

Roasting and broiling are two different cooking methods. What works for one may not work for the other.

Roasting is usually done in a moderate oven, say 350 - 450 degrees. If you're doing veggies or potatoes, you want to use a roasting pan that has a low rim so they dry out a bit and don't end up simmering in their juices. One layer only, with a little space between each piece. I like the Nordic Ware commercial-grade aluminum baker's sheets. I put down parchment paper first and brush them lightly with olive oil.

Broiling is done at high heat - above 550 degrees on my oven. It's like grilling, where the thing you're cooking is very close to high heat.  I broil fish, thin chicken fillets, kabobs, or veggies like peppers where you want them to cook quickly and be slightly burnt around the edges.  You do not want to use a sheet pan for this, because it can't stand up to the heat and will warp. Ceramic and glass are not meant for cooking under high heat either, and if they don't break they will discolor and may degrade. You should use either a cast iron grilling pan or a heavy, thick steel pan.  I have a broiler pan that came with my oven that works great. They usually have a removable rack so the juices drip down, or you take off the rack and cook them in a rimmed pan. Look on Amazon for "broiler pan."

We use half sheet pans from the restaurant supply store for roasting veggies. They don’t warp and the low sides and ability to spread out the vegetables allow air circulation so that things come out perfectly crisped. We use ours daily and they’re easily 15 years old, maybe older. If you really want something more like ceramic, enameled cast iron like Le Creuset works well and is beautiful, but it’s very expensive, I’d avoid putting it under a broiler, and in my opinion enameled cast iron does not perform better than the humble sheet pan for veggies

I roast vegetables using a baking sheet on which I've placed a couple of cake racks.  This lets the air get under them and they get crispier, I think.