Grafitti removal for wood fence?

Hi BPN Community,

We just had a new wood fence installed in July and unfortunately it was tagged with graffiti last week. Does anyone have any recommendations for removal? We tried some of the graffiti removal products from the hardware store but they didn’t work. Hoping we don’t have to sand down and re-stain but wondering if that’s our best option?

Any tips would be much appreciated!

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We used World’s Best Graffiti Remover on our wood fence. It worked, but it did remove the stain so I would recommend staining that part after. We also put that brand’s anti graffiti coat on the entire fence to make cleaning any future graffiti easier to remove. 

Our neighbor had some graffiti on her new redwood fence - my husband used a pressure washer to clean the fence and it was good as new.  I'm not certain if the fence had been stained or not.  I believe you can rent a pressure washer from Cresco or perhaps the Berkeley Tool Lending Library has some.  Good luck!