Got Special Ed Attorney?! We NEED one!

We are in need of recommendations for a good Special Ed Attorney.  Looking for names and input about anyone on this list that was give to me:
Adams ESQ
Amey Attorney at Law
Ball, Michelle JD
California Rural Legal Assistance
Cochrane, Jessica JD
Disability Rights Advocates [nonprofit agency]
Disability Rights California (formerly PAI) [nonprofit agency
Law Office of Mary Lynn Hansen
Law Office of Natashe
Law Office of Susan Foley
Lawrence Siegel Law Office
Lowe, Claudia JD
Roberta Savage Law
Roger Greenbaum Equity Mediation and Law
Ruderman and Knox, LLP
The Dale Law Firm, P.C.
Zatopa, Michael JD
Zeller, Mark Edward JD

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If you are looking for a Special Ed. attorney to interface with a school district about obtaining services, I highly recommend Sarah Fairchild at Tollner Law offices. She was instrumental in negotiating a residential placement for us. She knows her stuff and will fight for you. Good Luck!

I worked with Jennifer Steneberg at Dale Law Firm on an event providing detailed guidance on long-term financial planning for kids with disabilities. I found her very knowledgeable and empathetic. 

We had a very good experience working with Mark J Wojciechowski @ Tollner Law Offices in San Jose for help in dealing with OUSD.