Good somatic therapist, Berkeley area for grief/loss/ptsd?

I've just heard from a friend that somatic therapy is very effective for long term leftover trauma (childhood-loss, not abuse) and was wondering about recommendations in/near Berkeley?  Its for me (the parent), I am very much into dance and movement, if that is relevant.  Telehealth would be best for me right now.  I'd be grateful for any advice on who has helped you, why they are a good match for you, etc., anything you think might be helpful.  Thanks!

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Two great ones:

Peter Wright  510 759 9001 -- he is amazing.  He came highly recommended to me by multiple therapists (who had worked with him themselves).  I have had transformational work on trauma with him.  

Martha Knobler 510 849-0222. Martha is also incredible.  My husband and I have done somatic couples therapy with her (over Zoom!) and it has really changed things for us. 

Karen Sprinkel. Best therapist I've ever had. She uses EMDR therapy. Works way better than talk therapy. I'm a dancer and mover too and relate to the need for somatic therapy. Best therapist I have ever had.