Good Realtor in El Sobrante area?

Hello fellow parents!  Does anyone know a really good realtor in the El Sobrante area that they can recommend? Someone who has worked there and perhaps lived there for a long time? And someone who is very good at getting offers accepted of course! I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give!

Many thanks! 

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Maddox Realtors im Pinole.  Jason or Jamie are the best. We have sold 2 houses and bought one  thru them and they are awesome. Lived in the area all their lives. Extremely knowledgeable, knows the area and takes the stress out of buying a home.   Check out their reviews. 

Declan Spring from Red Oak Realty on Solano helped us get our home in Pinole in 2013; he was fantastic. He really knows the area and gave us a realistic sense of what we could afford with our budget, what we should expect in terms of the condition our house was likely to be in, and even a sense of local restaurants and parks :) We are hoping to stay in our home for many more years, but if we find ourselves in the market again we will definitely seek out his help.

I recommend Pamela Oettel, who knows that area quite well.  We worked with her 2 years ago.  My parents used to live in El Sobrante, and you do want someone who knows the area personally.  Hardworking, honest, great personality, a pleasure to work with.