Good places to take newborn baby on outings?

Hello! Can anyone recommend a good place in the east bay (Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Emeryville ideally) to take baby, where there are good breastfeeding spots and otherwise casual/supportive? I've dealt with one too many meltdowns with baby in a crowded coffee shop where there's hardly a chair to sit in to breastfeed, let alone space to swaddle her or do anything else. I don't care so much about bothering people with a crying baby, but i feel like in many places, I am not able to meet baby's needs as well as I would like to.

I am looking for more places with comfy chairs, large enough space, casual setting, good places to change baby... The Nordstrom in Walnut creek has a wonderful large women's lounge and mother's room, and that's a good example of a place where if she needs feeding/a quiet place/somewhere I can lay her down, I know where to go. I don't mind breastfeeding in public, it's just that many casual restaurants have uncomfortable seating... or they're outdoor areas which aren't good when it's cold... et cetera. 

Where did you take baby to get out of the house/when you were still learning to parent, that you felt had enough comfort/space/other resources for a parent with a baby?

Thank you!

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I didn’t find a lot of places like that but two recommendations I would have are the baby brigade films on Thursday afternoons at the New Parkway theater and mommy and me yoga classes ( you get at least a little exercise and yoga bolsters are great improviser nursing pillows). I took a series at Then Comes Baby and did dropins at Nest. There are several other studios that offer that. I wish there were more cafes with couch seating around here! 

There is Brezo in Point Richmond - they have kids corner with comfy armchair for BF and lots of toys that I used to district my little one while trying to eat. It's a bit far but it's the most kids/BF friendly brunch place with great food from all I've tried.

This might a weird suggestion, but when I had an infant I took him to IKEA all the time, especially on rainy days when I still wanted to get out of the house. They’re so family-friendly, from priority parking, to changing areas, to free coffee for family card members if you’re so inclined. The cafe area is usually not crowded on weekdays, and we’d stroll around the aisles in his stroller or look at all the toys in bright Scandinavian colors in the kids section near the cafe. 

If you are looking to go to a movie.  Monday at the alameda theater they offer a baby and me movie.  The parkway also offers one on Thursdays.

Here is a good resource of kid friendly restaurants.

Cafe Leila is baby friendly. Not sure if Baby Brunch is still happening, but I used to go on Wed mornings to a moms group there. Also, Rec Room in Berkeley!

In Berkeley there is a place called Rec Room which is like a coffee shop for parents with lots of kids activities. I also recommend library. There are good story times for babies, they all have changing tables, and I’ve heard you can even check out toys at the main one in Oakland. 

I used to take my youngest son to IKea when he was a baby and toddler because there is a good sized baby changing room near the cafeteria. You could also nurse in that room.  It was stocked with wipes and diapers. He also loved watching the trucks on the highway from the cafeteria windows and playing with the toys displayed nearby. We always went weekday mornings when it wasn’t busy. 

We used to go to IKEA... until my kids got old enough to figure out it was a store! ;)

Nice sized family restroom and good space to waddle around for toddlers.

If your baby isn’t yet crawling, the postpartum group on Friday’s at Oakland Birth and Wellness is a great place. It’s free (donation suggested), they have a changing table and supplies, rocking chairs, pillows and fellow parents willing to watch your baby while you use the restroom! Here is their website.

I think a place like the Rec Room in Berkeley might be a good fit for a casual drop in spot. I also went to Then Comes Baby in Oakland by the lake. They are not a drop in place, but they have lots of stuff for new parents and had a few opportunities each week just to come in to their Open Loune, hang out, grab a cup of coffee, meet other people. They have cozy couches, too.

I'm sure there are more, but that should be a good start for you. Good luck!

Try the baby storytimes at different libraries in Berkeley and Oakland. Almost every public library branch has one, and there are lots of other young children so there is plenty of commotion. Libraries also have good bathrooms and comfy chairs. The Walnut Creek library a mile from Nordstrom has an amazing children's area.

When I was on leave I took twin babies to the Oakland museum. It is a huge place with plenty of places to hide out in, and lots of good bathrooms. You and baby get to walk around and look at stuff (and learn some really interesting things). When they are really young it's actually pretty easy to take them around (even with two!), they can't do much other than hang out in a carrier/stroller. Now that they're older they want to move around all the time, which is more of a challenge!