Good Kaiser psychiatrist for 19 year old college student?

My 19 year old son is in college and looking for a Kaiser psychiatrist that will conduct a thorough evaluation process to find a better medication for his anxiety and depression. He is fed up with his long-time Kaiser Oakland pediatric psychiatrist who is unresponsive. We are in Oakland, but willing to go to Richmond or other surrounding areas of Oakland to work with someone who will truly listen and engage in a thoughtful process around finding the right med. I'm not sure if he has to work with an adult psychiatrist at this point or if a pediatric psychiatrist would still work with him at age 19, but we'll take recommendations for both. Thanks in advance!

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I work with Milin Balsara at Kaiser Richmond.  He's young, approachable, good communicator, and very knowledgeable about current medications and practices.  

We highly recommend Dr. Deborah Denherder at Kaiser Richmond. She really listened to our older teen child, and was thorough and thoughtful in her approach. She sees adults and kids, as far as I know. 

My two teens see Dr. Roy Eyal in Richmond, and he is excellent. He’s been very responsive to both kids and to us as a family, and has been very thoughtful about meds. He’s also been generous about consulting with the kids’ private therapists, outside of Kaiser. So far my kids have only seen him online—I don’t know if he’s seeing patients in-person right now. I’ve included the link to his personal page. I wish you and your family the best.