Good bassinet for a very low bed?

Hi everyone,

Second baby arrives in April(ish), and I am wondering if anyone knows of a great bedside bassinet that feels compatible with a very low bed (like, 17 inches high). Ideally a lightweight, not huge bassinet, that would allow baby to be at about the same height as the bed for easy access.

Thanks so much!

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The Skip Hop 2 in 1 bedside bassinet is perfect for this. You can adjust the height to match your bed and it has a side wall that can be lowered down. It’s about $200 on Amazon. 

I spent a ton of time trying to figure this out, and ultimately was not very happy with my options.  Though I also have a wide bed frame, which interfered with some of my options.  

1) BabyBay -- expensive, you can't use the US version that long (the EU version converts to a crib), I needed to add a rail because the US version doesn't have a futon bed/wide frame extension (you guessed it, the EU version does).  Ultimately I felt that the EU version was flexible and awesome and had lots of cool long-term uses, but I wouldn't bother  with the US version.

2) Mika Micky. I didn't buy this but someone recommended it to me and it seemed fine.  

3) Sidecar a crib. Basically, get one of those cribs that converts to a toddler bed, set it up with one of the sides missing, and affix it very tightly to your bed.  No rail between you and the bassinet, which is an advantage or disadvantage depending on. your preferences.  

The mumbelli! I have a 3mo and we use this bassinet on our bed. It won't last for too long but is great for the first months when they wake up often. I don't even get off bed. 🙌