Good Attorney search in custody re:(DV)domestic violence


I am being taken to court by the father of eleven month old for custody. We’ve had a hard past and I am feeling trapped in a power play. If anyone has referrals or connections to attorneys,

i wish for one who is female, a mother, even lesbian. An advocate for attachment of mother child bonding and sensitive to the psychological trauma of emotional abuse. Please also pass on if you have a friend that may know. 

My first date was dec17, 2018. The mediation is January 11 2019 and i need advising.

the court date was set to baby’s first birthday! This is insane. Please help. 

Much blessing,


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Hi Roz,
Did you see these three resources from an answer to old post? it's from 2013, so possible they're out of date, but worth a try: - The Family Violence Law Center helps victims of abuse. Their 24-hour crisis line is (800) 947-8301. - Bay Area Legal Aid is a great place to start. They help low-income people and families in need of legal representation and advice. - I think you should also look at this site. It sounds to me like your child's father is a high conflict personality type, like my ex, such as a Narcissist or a Borderline personality type. The High Conflict Institute is a good place to start when learning about these kinds of people and what you can do, starting right now, to manage your relationship with them [such as tips for communication and keeping calm during interactions with them]. It was founded by an attorney named Bill Eddy. I have learned a lot from them.

Dear ros- If you perchance are seeking child support you are eligible for the Alameda County Family Support Division's help free of charge. They are KICK ASS, mostly young women who stand up to even the fanciest lawyers and represent you with respect and keep your dignity intact. For custody issues, I would listen to any of the women that respond here in this forum. You sound frazzled and very vulnerable. If you ever filed for domestic violence or emotional welfare with the cops, I believe you can be represented by the D.A. Do not be fooled. They are the best! Please take care and keep in touch with this forum