Golf Lessons for Teen Boy

Our DS wants to learn to play golf and we are hoping to find someone to teach him at the Alameda course. Does not have to be a certified instructor or golf pro necessarily, maybe a college student looking for some summer work (or even a HS student) who plays on the school golf team who can teach him the basics? TIA

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The course has reasonably priced instruction available, In my experience, I'm pretty sure using an instructor not authorized by the course will not be allowed.

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I've taught my kids and am teaching another now but live in SF.  I start at the range and then go to the course and back & forth between the range & the course as they begin to understand how to use the clubs & the differences when on the course and learning course etiquette.  

Let me know if you can't find anyone else, I could help but we'd have to figure out the distances to travel.



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Hi Christine:

I am looking for someone to teach my kids golf.  We are in SF.  Let me know the best way to reach you.