Golf for a 5 year old

We have a kid who has been obsessed with golf for the last couple of years. He constantly wants to practice putting indoors, go mini golfing, go to the practice range, try screen golf, set up golf courses in our house and outdoors, and on and on. It seems like most group programs don't start until age 6+. I'd love to find a way to productively channel all this energy and interest, wondering if anyone had suggestions? I keep thinking private lessons seem like overkill in terms of cost, but maybe it's worth it given this interest that never seems to go away. Anyone go through anything similar or have any advice? Thank you!

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Depending on your location, check out the First Tee program.  It starts at 5yo.

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Have you tried the First Tee organization?  There's chapters all over the Bay Area.  My son started at 5 years old and has stuck with it up until now, age 14. It's a great organization with a balance of teambuilding skills and golf.