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My wife and I will be travelling to Croatia and Dubrovnik next spring and would very much appreciate any recommendations for bed and breakfast places and/or small hotels to stay during our visit of 5-6 days. I have looked on several websites and the opinions seem to be that if one stays inside the old walls luggage has to be carried or dragged there due to no car rule, it can be noisy until 11-12pm because of music everywhere, and that prices of everything are more expensive than outside the walls. Outside, the opposite seems to be true but there can be an issue of finding good places to eat within a short walking distance. Since we will not have a car, taxis are an option but prefer not to have to wait for one. We would be grateful to anyone who has been there and can give us a few tips and pointers of these issues.

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We rented an apartment on FlipKey (link below) that was fantastic.  It was outside the walls but a very short walk and quiet.  Dubrovnik is beautiful but can easily get very crowded with cruise ships (depending on the time of year you are going).  I would recommend googling the cruise ship schedule so you know the days that there will be a huge increase of people within the city walls (meaning, there can be 10,000 additional people inside the walls during the day).  For a day trip on one of those days, we rented a car and drove to Montenegro and went to the Bay of Kotor.  Really beautiful, interesting, easy drive. 


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We were in and outside of Dubrovnik for several days then spent the next two weeks heading North in Croatia till we entered Italy.  I recall that I wished we had chartered a sailboat and sailed the coast rather than used a combination of rental car and ferry to travel.

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We rented a room from Airbnb right outside the walls of Dubrovnik. It was a 10 minute walk to the "center" inside of the city. I am grateful we made this decision because of your same concern, it is crowded and LOUD, not to mention VERY difficult to get around with a suitcase. This is due to the streets which are pretty much windy, pebble stone, difficult streets to maneuver. Definitely recommend staying a bit outside, but still in Dubrovnik.