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Looking for a very experienced glaucoma specialist preferably from large center like UCSF, Stanford, UCD etc. Asking for a friend. Her mother is loosing an eyesight and her opthalmologyst feels that no treatment options can help and that surgery would not help too. She is hoping to get a second opinion from a doctor with great reputation and experience in treating glaucoma who might know all newest treatments for it, surgical or not. If you or someone you know had sucess in treating glaucoma and can recommend the doctor who helped you, it would be very much appreciated. 

Thank you in advance. 

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I strongly recommend Andrew Iwach, a wonderful seasoned ophthalmologist in SF and also the East Bay. When my MD retired from UCSF, he recommended I see Dr. Iwach, who focusses exclusively on glaucoma. Your mother will be in good hands!

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I don't know if this will be helpful but  at Kaiser Oakland the glaucoma specialist is Dr. Ingu Yun (Pretty sure that's it).
I had an acute attack of narrow angle glaucoma a few years back and he was the guy I saw. He did my surgery and
guided me thru my healing. He came highly recommended. I completely trusted hm especially after going to UCSF Pacific
Heights Med Center for a 2nd opinion and THAT glaucoma specialist (can't remember his name) said If Dr. Yun is 
treating me, I"m in good hands.  If you're not a Kaiser member this may not be useful, but thought I'd throw it out to you.

Good luck.

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Second the vote for doctor Iwach and his group. I actually see Dr. radhakrishnan for my glaucoma and she has been an excellent knowledgeable caring physician. Their group specializes in glaucoma.

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I'm sorry for your friend's mother's visual difficulties.

I second the recommendations for Dr. Iwach's group at the Glaucoma Center of San Francisco. I also have worked with George Tanaka and Terri Pickering's practice.  From UCSF, Shan Lin is an excellent glaucoma doctor as well.