Ophthalmologist for Glaucoma

Does anyone have an opthalmologist they particularly like, and can recommend?

My eye pressures have gradually increased. The cavalcade of somewhat-toxic eyedrop drugs that have been prescribed are expensive, ineffective, and have caused allergic side effects.

I have seen two different doctors in a reputable practice and am feeling distrustful. 

While clearly medical people deserve to get a pass on many customer service issues, due to the upheavals of the COVID pandemic experience, I feel that I am not getting adequate information regarding my condition and treatment options.

The doctors I have seen in this practice are borderline rude and always in a hurry.  I can't get my questions answered.

They employ good medical assistants, but can I rely on their conjectures?  And from one month to the next, there may be an entirely new staff. The entire front office apparently quit in February, and all the medical assistants are also new.  What's up with that?

The doctor I am seeing now seems uncomfortable with my compulsive note-taking and collecting test results into a big binder.

Perhaps he imagines plaintiff's lawyers in his future.

Now I am being referred to an eye surgeon. There is a paradox:  Axiomatically, "if it works, don't fix it".  But surgical intervention to relieve inter-ocular pressure prevents progressive blindness -  unless the surgery goes bad and CAUSES blindness.

So, has anyone had one of these types of eye operations?  Any advice?  Thanks.

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Hi, if I were you, I would get an evaluation at the Meredith Morgan Eye Center on UC Berkeley campus. It is part of the school of optometry, so you may not always have the same person doing your exam, but you will always have an attending doctor review your case. Because it is a school, they have deep knowledge about eye health and I would feel confident in the evaluation they give you. Good luck!

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Have you looked into University of California San Francisco Hospital Medical Clinic in Berkeley. I totally understand about feeling rushed at private doctors. According to my private orthopedist there is a huge shortage of medical personnel at this time, following the burn-out and exhaustion from COVID. Doctors are retiring early, it is hard to find office staff. I have had excellent service from the UCSF opthamology department, although I have to the San Francisco clinics and doctors. They take MediCare.