Glass Sliding Door to French Door Project

Hi - we would like to get an old, malfunctioning glass slider replaced with a set of french doors in our house. Is this a glass company job, a handyman job, or a contractor job? Any professional in those categories you would recommend? Is this is the $2-3K ballpark? Thank you!

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If it's a non-standard size you'll need a window/door maker who can make the doors for you and install them. We had to shop around a lot to find someone who could do it and we hired Wooden Window ( and liked them. We paid about $3k, including installation - our doors are small, so it might be a bit more for more normal sized doors. I think if it's a standard size you could probably buy doors at home depot or something and hire a handyman, and I'm sure it would be cheaper! 

I'd call Mike Flynn of Smith Weatherstrip. He knows everything about doors and windows. He did great work for us on our french doors, and I'm pretty sure he can build them as well as repair them.  510-547-6224.  

I got a quote from Wooden Window to fix one of our windows and it was literally 10x what Mike charged, FYI.