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Our nanny of six months is very sweet and has given small gifts (clothes, toy, etc.) to our baby at Christmas and at Valentine's Day. I'm anticipating that the baby will also get a gift from the nanny on her birthday. I'm wondering the best way to reciprocate. I gave the nanny a cash bonus at Christmas and will ask when the nanny's birthday is to get her a small gift or cash at that time. Have other folks given gifts or cards to their nanny on other holidays, such as Valentine's Day?

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Our nanny is similarly thoughtful and generous, so we also try to reciprocate, but really it depends on your relationship with your nanny and what little (or big) thing you think would make her feed appreciated for going above and beyond. Cash is king, but it's also the thought that counts. For example, I snuck a bag of pretty foiled heart chocolates into my baby's diaper bag on Valentine's Day and I could tell she really loved it. For the holidays/end of year we gave her a week bonus an a substantial gift certificate to a place we know she shops, and we're planning to give her some extra cash when she takes her vacation this summer. I wasn't going to ask her birthday (for some adults that can seem kind of nosy), but we gave her and her family a plate of cupcakes when they couldn't make it to our baby's 1st birthday party. Probably I will think of something else in the moment when there's another occasion to thank her with a little gift of something. 

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Hi GardenLover,

We do give gifts (from our child) for fun holidays, and any cultural holidays that the nanny celebrates. Usually a gift certificate (local coffee or smoothies), house plant, book, etc. If we see something in a boutique that I know the nanny will love, we’ll pick it up. Hope this is helpful!