getting off the waitlist for Francophone

Hi, my son was #120 on the waitlist for Francophone, any parents know from past experience the chances of getting off the waitlist with that high number drawn,  

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For what grade? I would say yout chances are very slim at this point. 


My daughter is in kindergarten at Francophone and she was waitlisted #52 last year and we had her enrolled at Sequoia Elementary and then got a notice last May that she got in so you never know. 

As a parent there, we are sooo happy with the school and grateful to be a part of such an amazing community of family and educators. I can't pretend to understand all of the politics underlying the charter school process but have noticed that things are often changing and they seem to make miracles happen so stay hopeful that your child will get in, while also planning for an alternative option just in case. Good luck! 

Thanks for the reply.  I am staying hopeful my son will get a spot.  BTW, I applied for Kindergarten this coming school year 

We were offered a spot recently for K and we were initially close to 90 on the waitlist, if that helps.

We got an offer yesterday for kindergarten, we were around number 110. We accepted it already. We live in a pretty bad school district, and we want our son to have a great education without having to go to private school.