Getting rid of skunk odor in house

We recently moved into a home near a nature area known for lots of skunks and raccoons, and it is mating season! We have had several instances of skunks spraying near the home and the odor wafting in to awaken us early in the morning. Once in, it is hard to get out, especially in the colder weather when we do not tend to have windows open most of the time. Have others dealt with this issue and come up with mitigating solutions? Thanks.

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Bowls of vinegar and time

I had skunks around our house too. They have very fine noses, so do not put any food garbage outside. When I got a pail with screw on lid for our compost, they stayed away.

We had a dead skunk under our outside steps and the smell inside our house was unbearable.  The pest control tech recommended citrus oil spray and it did a decent job masking the smell.  That and time!

Our last house was in an area with lots of wildlife including skunks and raccoons. We also had a deck that had an opening where the animals liked to hide out during the day. Consequently, we had a pretty bad skunk experience where a skunk sprayed in our backyard at 4:00 am and the smell was so strong it woke everyone up, and it stayed in the house until we took care of the backyard. It may be that, like in our case, the skunk sprayed your house or just outside of it. What got rid of the smell in our house was spraying the deck and the outside of the house where the skunk sprayed with a solution of dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. I put the solution in a sprayer that attaches to a hose and sprayed our backyard. The smell inside the house went away very quickly after that. 

Our dog decided to run into our house seconds after being sprayed.  We left bowls of vanilla around the house for a couple of weeks.  I can't say that it was a huge success but it was better than skunk smell.