Gestational carrier agency recommendation

I am seeking recommendations for an excellent gestational surrogacy agency for a friend and his wife from UK. Thank you.

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I replied to your previous inquiry about surrogacy. There are lots of agencies out there to choose from. Your friends should research the options and find an agency that works best for their needs and wants. Personally, I wanted to work with same sex couples and went with Growing Generations, an agency that specializes in surrogacy for same sex couples. They are also experienced with international families, so your friends may want to consider them as an option. Growing Generations has a stellar reputation, many years of experience, and have helped many, many families become parents. With that said, they are based out of LA and also work with many celebrities. Between their location, their experience, and their clients, they are considered a high end agency. That’s my way of saying, they aren’t cheap. But if your friends can afford it, I highly recommend them. I wish your friends well as they begin their surrougacy journey!