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I'm looking for a good licensed general contractor to do some balcony repair.  Any recommendations?

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Hi - 

I highly recommend using someone who understands waterproofing as that is the number one issue when dealing with balconies. I have had amazing experiences with Danny Gomez - 510-685-3034. Tell him that Sarah Ridge the realtor referred him to you. My husband, who is also a contractor (but not the type who does balconies) has worked with him extensively on jobs that they both were on and then we used him on our home - I am really picky (both bc of my husband and bc of my job) and I was so delighted with his communication skills, his personality (very kind and calm) and the work that he did (excellent - so smart). 

Ken Winfield Construction.   He does top notch work and gets the necessary permits.   He basically had to re-do our very large and high deck.    The City of Berkeley has changed their requirements in this area so to get a permit, you may end up needing to do some things you hadn't planned to.   But a balcony and a deck should be safe and have permits.    It's not necessarily cheap but you want to make sure it's safe.  And nice! 

Schafer Construction specializes in balconies and is the best of the best!  They built a deck for me and I couldn't be happier.  If it's just a small repair they might be over-kill, but if you have a lot of work that needs to get done I strongly recommend them.