Gender-inclusive group for new parents?

My husband and I are close to having our first child, and we're interested in joining a new parents' group in Oakland or Berkeley that we could attend together, or on our own as schedules allow -- but all of the new parents' groups that I've seen/heard about seem to be for mothers only. I'm going to join a new moms' group as well, but would love an inclusive group that we could go to as a family! Does anyone know of a group for new parents that's gender inclusive? 

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Hi, I’m a soon to be parent from Oakland interested in this as well!

Hopefully someone will pop in with an answer of an existing group - if not, maybe we can create one!

Stacia Biltekoff runs a parents group out of the Berkeley JCC facilities that is explicitly gender neutral and open to all parents. I participated in a series of the group in early 2019, and while we were all moms, we talked about bringing partners to sessions (we never executed on that particular plan), and I don't doubt a Dad's regular attendance would have been welcome (and would likely result in other Dad's joining a future session). Best of luck with your new baby journey! 

The Mothers of Mischief group in the Laurel district of Oakland hosts a monthly Babies + Beers Family Happy Hour:

FWIW, the general meetups are all-gender as well. Every fourth Friday from 12-2 pm at Mischief. 

I would say a must is Kim Lyons' TumeTime group. Lots of dads, moms, caregivers, and all sorts of families and very inclusive!

I am new to the area but we are about to have our third on Jan 2nd and my husband also luckily gets a lot of time off. So I would also love to find a gender inclusive group or we can build one :)


Alta Bates has a drop-in group $10 per session that is open to all anyone. There's a 0-6 months group (currently Thurs 11.30-1) and a 6-12 months group (currently Thurs 9.30-11). They are run by the wonderful Jennifer Subasic-Marks and I believe the first session is free.

If you're a Kaiser member, there is a free drop in group at 3701 Broadway, open to mothers and fathers.