Gender Affirming MD or Provider

 Does anyone have recommendations for a gender affirming therapist, clinic or provider for our teen?   The wait time for the Gender Clinic is many months long. Thank you! 

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Hi, you probably already know this, but there are gender clinics at both UCSF/UBCHO and down at Stanford. 

There is also a brand new organization for parents of gender questioning kids called Genspect ( which may be of interest. I know that I have had a VERY steep learning curve myself as the parent of a gender questioning teenager and have gradually evolved toward more of a gender-exploratory approach. 

This is a challenging path for the whole family-- good luck. 

Contact Logan Berrian at The Buncke Clinic in SF. 415-684-5206. He's the clinical director for their gender affirming surgery practice and knows everything.

Children's hospital in Oakland has a gender clinic. Note this clinic just provided medical care. You need to find a therapist separately. There is a network of therapists that deal with gender issues and they can refer you if one is fully booked. I interviewed several before figuring out who to work with as a parent and learned a lot from all of them. I recommend seeing someone yourself or with your partner/ co-parent if you have one, to work through your own questions and concerns. My kid stayed with a therapist they were already seeing that has knowledge about gender issues. 

Gender Spectrum has groups for parents and children as well as a wealth of information. 

There's a lot to learn and gender identity brings up a lot of strong feelings for parents. 

I wish you well.