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I am NOT looking for a mow and blow person.  I am looking for a true gardner who knows plants, trees, and shrubs; someone who can do landscaping, maintenence, and will go to a nursery to buy new plants when existing ones die.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!!

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I can definitely recommend Donald Tarahonich. His email is donald [at] He has worked for me for some time and is knowledgeable and dependable. His phone is 510-540-1279. Tell him Terri sent you! Good luck.

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I am currently working with Katy Bullick.   I have a yard in progress and she is helping me design a larger planting I will do in November with perennial plants and trees and she has worked with the color palette I want, identified places for trees and introduced me to plants, shrubs and trees that I would never have thought of.  Kind, responsible, very smart and on time.  

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Hi. We love our gardener Al Moore. He has given us extraordinary spaces in our small backyard and front yard. 
What was dead and or dying is now flourishing. He has purchased interesting plants, found inexpensive pots, and reclaimed and painted things we thought were past repair. He is creative and has a real eye for beauty. His wife restores outdoor furniture as well. He is reasonable and truly cares about his work. We couldn’t be happier. 

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I highly recommend Anna Costello who runs her own business, Secor Gardening! She knows every plant species (we moved into a home with a lovely garden that has many exotic plant species), and the proper care and maintenance for everything. She can advise and educate you on planting and maintenance or will do it all for you, whatever you prefer. She is also flexible on whatever interval of services you would like, whether it’s monthly or seasonal or just one big clean up that you then maintain yourself.  Her phone number is (315) 436-2135 and her email is secorgardening [at]

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I have a wonderful, "true" gardener to recommend: Lori Caldwell. She has beautifully and holistically cared for our yard and surrounding gardens for the past 3+ years. Not only is she a knowledgeable gardener who loves what she does, she's a great human being. She has helped feed our rhododendrons, camellias and other shrubs with worm castings. She has stopped weeds in their tracks with horticultural vinegar. She has used other safe for pets and humans products to treat white flies and rust. She trims bushes and vines, removes over-aggressive ferns, encourages our pollinator-friendly plants, and can troubleshoot our sprinkler system. She's the best! Reach Lori at 925-922-3504