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Does anyone have a good recommendation for a Berkeley gardener? Thanks!

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Dvora Gordon is our wonderful gardener. Highly recommend!

Her number: 510-459-1035

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I have used Dinwoodie Landscape Services for twenty-five years. They are terrific -- they have their own assessment of what needs to be done and will also do what you request.


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Hi all, 

We hired a gardener based on recommendations on this site, Jose Zamora from Zamora Landscaping. Because he is recommended in several posts on this site, we feel like we would be remiss if we did not comment on our experience with his work, since it has caused some fairly expensive problems for us to fix. 

We hired Jose to build a back deck and completely landscape our yard. Although we really liked Jose as a person, and his team is very hard-working, unfortunately the results of the work was disappointing and far from what was promised. A few of the most important issues are: 

  • The deck was not built to code, despite his assurances it would be. Other contractors who were on site pointed out issues with railing height and cable distance that had to be fixed. 
  • The wood used on the deck (cumaru) was not properly sealed so it is cracking and warping only six months later. The deck is also not plumb
  • Drip irrigation was not installed in the front yard as promised, which we only discovered after many plants were dying from lack of water. 
  • He did not properly install the irrigation in the back yard or provide us with requested information about where emitters are located. 
  • All but two of the trees he planted are sick or dying. 

We understand mistakes happen, but he has stopped replying to our emails and phone calls asking him for help fixing these issues, despite the fact that we have paid him in full. He has also not provided us with a final invoice noting that we have paid for the work. 

We are really disappointed because we did like him and thought we had a good working relationship. Unfortunately, we are now in a position of having to redo a number of the things that were done just this year.