Gardener or Landscaper Recommendation?

We are looking for a great gardener / landscaper to help manage our large garden as well as plant a vegetable and flower garden with us. If anyone has any good recommendations they would be appreciated!

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David Feix and his little crew are absolutely amazing! He can work with you on installing any kind of garden you want--mediterranean, low water, shade, etc. David is a longtime landscaper in the area. He's not a regular mow and blow guy at all. But I had David and his team come every other month during high growth seasons and then backed off during winter to economize. It was an approach that worked well. Sometimes David would just drop his 2-3 worker team (very steady folks) off for 3-5 hours, and he would only stay for one to help me stay within my budget as he charges more per hour for his time. Good luck! - Sarah           David Feix: 510-472-2702

Here are some images from his designs on Flickr.