Gardener for design and maintenance

I’m looking for a gardener who will help redesign my 40x40 backyard and 20x20 front yard and who also does monthly garden maintenance. Any suggestions?

thank you!

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Farallon Gardens / Matt McGrath did our yard and we couldn't be happier. Matt does offer monthly maintenance. We don't utilize that service of his as we tend to like to do it ourselves, however, we do have had him come by annually to check the garden, weed, and prune as needed - and I can report that he does a good job and is generally a delight to work with.

Highly recommend Judith Irwin, founder of Wonder Women Gardening.

She comes to our garden monthly with a lovely team of women.  My garden is thriving under her care.  No power tools!  She also redesigned our front streetside space (which was a sad looking lawn used primarily as a bathroom for local dogs) into a beautiful space with rocks, path and drought tolerant plants.  She’s also good with irrigation.