garden coach and design recommendations

We are looking for a garden coach who has a great eye for design and can help us with making our small yard more appealing.  Heidi Tarver (who I have seen recommended on BPN) is not taking on new clients, so looking for other options. Thanks!

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I have had Judy Gelb of Sprig Landscape Design Studio come out to my place in Richmond. She had so many great ideas about what to do with my yard, not just to make it *look* good but also to be ecologically sound. I highly recommend her.

We used Christine Wiseman of GardenWise Landscapes to design and then implement our front yard. She can create a design for you that you implement yourself as well. She's created a low-water, easy care yard for us that looks lovely and keeps getting better as it fills in and grows. She listened to us and also had lots of great ideas of her own.