Fun Weekly Afternoon Spanish Class for Kindergartners?

Hello! My daughter just started kindergarten and misses the little bits of Spanish she sometimes spoke in preschool. Is there a once-per-week afterschool class in North Berkeley for little ones who want to get together to learn Spanish, sing fun songs, and so on? If not, we'd also appreciate any recommendations for teachers who might want to work with our daughter.  Gracias! 

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I have been looking forever for this in this area (only have found kid classes in Lafayette and private tutoring at Centro Latino in Berkeley). Excited to see if others have recommendations. For now, we ended up forming a small group (KGarten and 1st graders) and finding a Spanish-speaking childcare provider to meet with our kids once a week to learn Spanish after school. Here is the email (I got her consent to post): ingridjalvarado [at]

Hi! Escuela Billingue in San Pablo has free spanish story time sometimes and camps during break. Its alsona great school, my son is an alumni and is a Freshman at Bentley and tested into Spanish 4 honors.

If youre interested in a tutor, theres a lot.of EBI teachers that tutor the kids and I can connect you if interested. Feel free to DM me


Check out Creative Spanish on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. They host both Summer Camps and After school programs.