Fun low-impact activities around Hanalei Bay

Hi everyone, my husband and I are making our first trip to Kauai in October, and we're staying in a condo a couple miles west of Hanalei Bay. We enjoy being outdoors and we're walkers but we're not avid hikers. I see a few "easy" walks on that we'll try -- can you suggest some other interesting places to visit for a couple of hours in the north part of the island? Places involving food are very welcome too!  Thanks! 

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If you enjoy snorkeling, two beaches to recommend are Ke'e Beach and Tunnels. 

Ke'e Beach is at the end of the road to the west.  You need to make a reservation in advance through Haena Reservations for access.  These are not expensive but tough to access as spaces go quickly.  You have to be up at midnight Hawaii time when they are first released for the best chance of securing tickets.  And you must make sure to print a copy or download to your phone as cell service is spotty there.  And it's a walk from the parking lot to the beach down a path.  I'm making it sound like a huge ordeal but really its worth it.  Nice beach.  Not overcrowded due to the measures I just mentioned. LIfeguarded beach.  And good snorkeling esp at low tide. 

Tunnels beach you will have to google how to access.  Its tough to get access.  Just a small road that fits maybe 8 cars to access.  Otherwise you have to park at Haena beach and make the walk.  But again, great snorkeling. 

And then there's Limahuli gardens.  Absolutely stunning.  I'm also not a hiker and their path goes uphill, but plenty of places to stop along the way with benches, etc. 

Kalalau trail and taking a Catamaran boat may be too much for you if you desire low impact and no big hike. 

Seriously this is the most beautiful place on earth as far as I can tell.  I go there again and again and it is stunning every time.  A few things can be a hassle but it is so worth it.  After walking around you can treat yourself to shave ice at Wishing Well shave ice in Hanalei and enjoy the chickens.  Have a great trip.

I'm sorry to write this, and I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but I hope you might consider rescheduling. As someone from Hawai'i whose entire family still lives there, the islands are not a good place to go right now. The governor himself recently asked visitors to not come ( They're dealing with a dangerous amount of community spread of Covid (to the point where some hospitals are full), and the huge influx of visitors from this summer are taking a toll on the plant and animal life, which has already declined so much in our lifetime. 

We got married in Hanalei and it’s one of our very favorite places.

I recommend Na’Aina Kai Botanical gardens (it’s beautiful) and would add kayaking and the Farmer’s Market in Hanalei town as chill, low key activities to enjoy on the north shore. I’m sure there are great yoga classes in and around Hanalei/Princeville/Kilauea. Enjoy!

I hope you’ve been given notice that the road to Hanalei which was washed out earlier this year in a storm is not fully open and getting into and out of Hanalei requires patience and a timetable. I’m not sure how it works but my daughter lives on Northern Kauai and she no longer goes to Hanalei bc of that. Check out the situation. 

Mini golf at Anaina Hou park, and you can also do a short walk on the grounds. Hanalei wildlife refuge for birds; Alltrails lists the Okolehao Trail there as moderate, but I enjoyed walking some of it about six weeks after my knee replacement so it couldn't have been too difficult.