Fun Beach vacation for mom and 2 active kids

I'm looking for a resort recommendation for a vacation I'd like to take in April with my 2 kids (boys, 5&8).

I've heard great things about Mexico and I like the all-inclusive idea since I don't want to spend my entire time cooking and cleaning. Ideally the resort would have activities for the kids and a kid's club, pools and those fun slides. Prefer warm water and white beaches if possible.

I'm also open to other places as well. Hawaii, FL, etc

I've got the airline covered, just need hotel.

Thank you!

Parent Replies

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We went to the Melia in Puerto Vallarta ( several years ago when our kids were 2 & 6 years old, and we had the BEST time.  We wanted someplace not to far by plane, warm in April, and easy.  I would never have thought I'd enjoy an all-inclusive, but I loved it.  The Melia (when we went) was mostly Mexican nationals (so it didn't feel "U.S. touristy"), mostly families, and having all your food on site (multiple restaurants), not having to worry about paying for it, turned out to be the key to stress-free vacationing for us.  Plus there's an absolutely giant pool and easy ocean access, and giant iguanas on site!  It was divine.  They do have a kids club, but we all mostly hung out at the pool or ocean every day.  We got a great deal on Orbitz too.  I'm sure there are a ton of great all-inclusives in PV and Cabo and other beach resorts in Mexico, and they're probably not all that different from each other.  Highly recommend.

We just got back from Mexico. We went to Puerto Vallarta and stayed at the Grand Velas Riviera. It was all inclusive, had a kids club and was full of families. It was also easy to get to! Just over 3 hours from SFO. I'd recommend it. We booked it through Costco and saved $1,500 on the price quoted on the United site (for the exact same holiday).