French language day-cares and/or schools in Walnut Ck/Pl. Hill?

Hi all - 

I am hoping to find a french language day-care in the east bay (Walnut Creek / Pleasant Hill / Lafayette). I have found a handful in Oakland and Berkeley but haven't found anything on the other side of the tunnel. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for French language early childhood programs, pre-schools or day-cares in this area? 


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I don't know of any but have you tried reaching out to Ecole Bilingue in Berkeley to see if they have any recommendations? They certainly have students who commute from the other side of the tunnel and may have previously been at French daycares. Or you could try the Alliance Francaise in Berkeley or EFBA (Education Francaise Bay Area). I'm sure there must be something and if there is, one of these organizations should know about it.