Free Summer Camp in Berkeley?

Where can I find free summer camp information? We are in Berkeley. I used to receive it from school.  I have not gotten it this year.  I checked with the school advocate but I have not heard back from her. Thank you.

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Hi! I'm a super researcher, and I have some answers for you.

If your child is at a Berkeley public elementary school (which it sounds like), your child can go to the BEARS summer camp at the schools, most likely what your child did before. Your child does NOT have to be in the BEARS afterschool program during the year to go to the summer session, but if your child IS in BEARS after school, ask the BEARS teachers when the summer sign up is--- it's right around now. Here is the BEARS info pages with phone numbers, etc:

The City of Berkeley has full scholarships available for low-income Berkeley residents for their Summer Fun camps. I'm not sure if there is a scholarship application deadline, but here is the page with City of Berkeley summer camp info. My child is doing this, and I had to send in camp application plus a scholarship application.

Best of luck, and I hope your child has a great summer!