Middle school at Francophone Charter


We are considering enrolling our 11 years old son in 6th grade at the FCSO this coming fall. I have not seen any parents comments regarding their middle school experience, curriculum, French and English teachers, class size & dynamics. We would be very appreciative if anyone could share their own experience with the middle school program at the FCSO. We were also curious to hear back about their online teaching performance during the last Spring quarter (March-June 2020)  in case the school pursues a virtual learning in Fall 2020 again. Thank you very much for your consideration.

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Unfortunately you probably won't get much of a response because so few kids have actually made it to the middle school at Francophone yet.  This is the first year there will be an 8th grade, and the first full cohort (who started at the school as kindergardeners) are only going into 5th grade this year.  I think it's all about what your child and family want to prioritize.  If you want language immersion, extremely small class sizes and small school community, a lot of personalized attention, and a diverse student body, I think it would be hard to find a better option for a public middle school in the East Bay.  However, if you want a larger student body, more class/elective choices, athletics, clubs, activities, it just wouldn't make sense to go there for middle school.  We are a few grades down, and to answer your second question, in our classroom at least the distance learning last Spring was fairly robust.  More than our friends' kids in OUSD and BUSD were able to access.  From mid-March onward there were daily large group (~20 student) and small group (~4 student) Zooms, creative weekly class projects, etc.