Frame shop: textile framing (Guatemalan huipil)


Does anyone have a recommendation for a framing shop in or near Berkeley (we’d go as far as SF) that would do a fantastic job on framing textiles, in this case an embroidered Guatemalan huipil.  I’ve seen such textiles framed before (like at Peet’s back in the day) and we are now in the circumstance of seeking such work ourselves. Any ideas?  Other recommendations are old, and not specific to textile art.  Thanks!

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Lars at North Berkeley Frame on Shattuck is fantastic.  Among many other things, I've had silk panels framed there and he did a wonderful job.   

The framing shop in Montclair (coincidentally, 2 doors down from Peet's) is where we take all of our art.  They do a fantastic job.  I haven't needed to frame a textile but I would trust them.  If the textile is incredibly valuable/antique, then you may want to consider calling an auction house to see if they have a recommendation.  

Frame in SF on Lombard St. I know it's far, but the owners are artists and have an amazing eye - I have had 3 pieces framed by them so far and each is unique and wonderful. 

I don't think they have a website but here's the Yelp link:

We had several Panamanian molas framed at City Picture Frame several years age.  They did an incredible job, down to archival plexiglass on the back, so that light can shine through.  The frames are still crisp and solid, despite being moved around quite a bit.  We have used City for several archival projects over the years, and are very satisfied.  If you know what you want, they can do it.