We're considering foster parenting - what's been your experience?

Hello community!

My husband and I are considering becoming foster parents, and we’d love to hear other people’s experience with that journey. We do not have bio kids (long story), so a foster child would be the only child(ren) in our home. Thanks so much for anything you’re willing and open to sharing. And please let me know if you’re open to direct contact for a further conversation.

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My husband and I went through the training and certification process and started fostering a seven-year old in June. We're willing to talk with you directly about what we're learning.

My husband and I have been foster parents to infants for a little over a year now. We went directly through Alameda County, which was a slow process but good so far. One child lived with us for 3 months and then went to live with aunts. Another child is living with us now. Feel free to DM me with any specific questions.

Many years of foster parenting, if you want to talk, email me. We dealt with two different agencies and the county. ajanks at yahoo dot com

I have never been a foster parent however I did work for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) as the Director of Case Management. The majority of the children served by the CASA program are in foster care at some point while they are dependents of the court. During my 10 year employment I became very familiar with the foster parent program at the county level as well as foster parents working with private Foster Family Agencies (FFAs). Being a foster parent is one of the most difficult jobs a person can do. You are asked to take care of someone else's child during an extremely emotionally challenging period in that child's life. The child may have just been removed from their parent's care or may possibly be coming to live with you after multiple failed placements. The children in the foster care system are emotionally fragile and most have trust issues. I have seen some foster parents become completely disheartened when their foster child exhibits difficult behaviors and aren't always as loving towards them as they had envisioned. Most of the families of dependent children are working on a reunification plan where the child may be returned to the family of origin's care. As a foster parent it is important that you never lose sight of that goal. Sometimes you may not agree with the court's decision to return a child to his or her parent's care. This can be extremely difficult for the foster parent. You are asked to assume the responsibilities of parenthood, including loving and nurturing the child without really having any legal rights. I have great admiration for those foster parents who are able to make a positive impact in the life of a child and then relinquish the child. I certainly encourage you to further explore your options as a foster parent as long as you are well aware of the challenges you may encounter. 

Hello, we are foster-to-adopt parents. We were recently placed with a 5 month old. I'd be happy to talk with you about our experience so far. 

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