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We are contemplating flying to France over the holiday break this coming December, and stumbled across French Bee Airlines (, a low-cost airlines that flies directly to Paris. The flights are a STEAL for the two weeks in December. (Approximately $2500 for 4 roundtrip tickets!) I am fully aware that "you get what you pay for" in terms of airline quality, but thought I would reach out to see if any parents have travelled on this airlines with children. My kids will be 4 and 7 at the time of the trip, and are generally very good travelers. 

I would appreciate any thoughts/experiences in regards to this! The price sure is enticing! Thank you so much!

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I booked round-trip tickets to Papeete, Tahiti last fall, and researched French Bee. I was apprehensive that French Bee might turn out like the scary Spirit air, and booked instead with United. However a French family who lives and work in Papeete swears by French Bee, and uses it often for flights from Papeete to San Francisco, and to France. i believe it is "no frills" but you can deal with bringing food, or paying extra. My French friends find it reliable and safe. Good luck. Bon voyage!

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No experience with French Bee but Norwegian also flies direct to Paris from OAK and has very competitive rates.  We had a great experience with them but definitely would encourage you to buy the add-on package to the basic fare for the option to select seats, check 1 bag, and get a meal.  They fly a dreamliner on the route which is great.

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Usually the price of this low cost ticket doesn't include the luggage, and olso the food. That is something that you have to buy or you have to bring your own food