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I am looking for a recommendation for a flat fee financial advisor. Someone who can easily walk us through some planning and help us figure out our retirement with our limited resources. We don’t have a lot to work with and are also interested in learning about low index funds. We are in our early 40’s ,  2 young children, a school teacher and an X-ray tech. We now live on the Peninsula but are willing to drive to the East Bay . Thanks in advance for your recommendation and or advice!

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Highly highly recommend Sean Burgess for this: https://www.burgessfinancial.com/

We've been working with him for a few years. He's flat-fee, fiduciary and very keen on index funds. We really like him, and though he's now based in Portland, all the visits are remote!

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I highly recommend taking this short course at your own pace, especially if you're in need of simple retirement planning (401k, 403b, Roth IRA) and already understand that index funds are the way to go. I follow Jeremy on social media and his course is cheap and super helpful: https://www.personalfinanceclub.com There's also a ton of free resources too. This is the best $80 you can spend.