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My 13.5 year old teen is eager to start a strength training routine to supplement his martial arts training (he is a karate black belt). I am looking for a fitness trainer in El Cerrito/Albany/Berkeley area who could work with him to design a program, teach him good form, etc. I am finding that many of the gyms in the area seem to require teens to be 16 for group classes. Any recommendations?

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I highly recommend PhaseFit on San Pablo Ave. They have a strength and performance class specifically for kids called No Days Off and do a lot of youth (as well as adult) strength training and coaching.

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Fuse Fitness in Kensington Circle is AMAZING. I’ve been going to them (Pascha and Kristen) for a decade and I love their classes. They also offer one-on-one training. And it’s women- and Black-owned.