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My daughter is 15 and has a new interest in 'screen acting' (as apposed to theater apparently)...she is taking a high school acting class now at Berkeley Rep which she really enjoys but wants more. She is a complete beginning without any experience yet.  She's been dying to try the First Take Acting Program in SF, which she found on line.  I'm worried it's a money maker and not legit, has anyone had a teen take classes there?  Apparently this is geared towards film/TV vs. theater.  Or other recommendations for acting classes that are not theater? While the logical path to me is signing up for a high school drama play, I do want to at least educate myself and be supportive since she is really interested.

Many thanks

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I have no experience with first take but has your daughter looked at FABA ( film acting Bay Area) in emeryville?  My daughter took lessons from brian there ( before the pandemic ) and They may have started again?  They have teen and adult classes and a variety of skill levels. Some of the kids were working professionally.  

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I don't know about First Take but A.C.T. in San Francisco has summer classes for on-camera acting for high school students:

My kid, who's also taken classes at Berkeley Rep, will enroll this summer.