Fireplace Gas Insert Recommendation Wanted

Even though our home heating system works fine, we're thinking about adding a fireplace gas insert for extra warmth in the living room.

I'd be interested in recommendations for inserts, and for people who can install them.

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We put one in about 3 years ago and love it.  So do our cats! We used Summit Grill & Fireplace, (510) 397-6506, in Castro Valley, based on their yelp reviews.  Bring photos of your fireplace on your phone, and take measurements of the opening and interior space, and they will tell you what to get.  They handle the installation, too, and did great work. 

We installed one this spring using Steve at American chimney. He was great and we are thrilled with the result and our new fireplace. Also be sure to check if you qualify for a rebate through the air quality management district. 

I recommend Bob Hoffman Construction. He put in our fireplace insert years ago. Nice folks, lovely insert. And they come every year and do maintenance as well. (925) 937-5381

I absolutely loved Warm Solutions in South San Francisco. They are fantastic. Ask for Barbara Palmer. They also recommended me a gas plumber because I had to create a gas line into a 100-year old fireplace. A few years later, I had to order a new fireplace control (tenant left it burnt on fireplace). Barbara was amazing and actually mailed it to me. 

Hi there,

We replaced ours this year with a Valor radiant gas fireplace. It fit the space and with our decor and generates a lot of heat. It does not have an internal fan, but the room is small enough that it doesn't matter too much. We have central heat, but no vents in our living room, which also has a lot of single pane windows. We are very please with it. It was purchased through and installed by John at Top Notch Energy in San Leandro.

I would definitely avoid Berkeley Heat on Ashby. We had a horrible experience with them where the wrong unit was ordered and then they didn't want to refund us the money. I can give you more details if you send me a direct message. I would also recommend having someone come look at your fireplace and venting before you purchase anything -- don't rely on just photos and your measurements.

Good luck and enjoy!


We went with Kidd and were very happy.  

We worked with Buck Stove, Spa and Fan Center in Walnut Creek, even though we live in Oakland. We were very satisfied. We love our insert and use it for much of the year! As another person noted, our cat loves it, too.