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Hi all - My partner and I are in our early 40s and have wanted to work with a financial planner for years but aren't sure how to find one or really what to look for.  We have one child and do not own a home.  We'd like someone to see if we're allocating the right amounts to saving for retirement, saving for our child's college fund, and paying off our own grad school student loans.  We also have about $200K in savings and aren't sure where to put it.  (We'd been saving for a house but now aren't sure if that is a good idea.)  Thank you for any recommendations!  

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We highly recommend Don Willner.  He has been easy to work with and provides sound advice that has been very beneficial for us over the years.  


don [at]

I have worked with Jason Draut (510) 558-8272 and Trish Johnson (510) 459-0938.

If your money is in a local institution, they should have advisors you can talk to.  I just met with a Schwab representative (post-divorce), who was very helpful.  I recommended Charles Schwab in Berkeley.  

Boom Planning in SF is amazing. I started working with them when i got pregnant and it has been so great - wills, retirement, investments, you name it. They are kind and really good at explaining things in simple ways. They take a lot of time to really understand what YOU want, and what your values are, they then customize a plan based on that. Feel free to ask for Amy Bloget and say miakoda sent you.

I've been working with Sean from for 5 years. He's a fee-based fiduciary with very practical advice and tools for the estimates you referenced in your post. Highly recommend!