Fiddle/violin teacher close to montclair?

Can anyone recommend a fiddle/violin teacher for my beginner 8 year old who is close to montclair?


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Our eldest daughter, who is now an adult and out of the house, was a student of Debbie Dare, in Piedmont near Montclair, for many many years. I’m not sure whether Debbie is still teaching and I no longer have her contact info, but she was an awesome teacher for our daughter, very inspirational and positive. Under her guidance our daughter enjoyed practicing regularly, made stellar progress, and later continued to pursue music as a second major in college.  I highly recommend her.

My daughter has been taking suzuki violin from Danielle Charboneau for 3 years and I can't say enough good things about her. She has high expectations, but I am constantly amazed at how her students all seem to rise to the challenge. She has a great way with kids and is able to support them and help them work through challenges. She makes violin fun without ever getting frazzled. Her program includes private lessons, a weekly group class, optional chamber groups, and recitals. My daughter loves her and we couldn't be happier with her progress as a muscian.

You can ask Holy Names Preparatory Music Department (at HN University in Oakland) for a referral.  I think it's mostly Suzuki teachers.

Viola Pellegrini is fantastic. My children both study piano -she teaches violin and piano - with her and she is a conservatory trained musician and early childhood trained through Mills. A teacher through and through - a creative, encouraging, fun music teacher. 

And her sister teaches harp - recitals are really fun with students playing all three instruments.