Fencing limits in Berkeley

Hi! Does anyone know whether the 6’ height limit for unpermitted sidewalk-facing fences in Berkeley applies to the total fence height or to the solid fence height? We live on a very exposed corner and we’re planning to install a 6’ solid fence for privacy, but I’d love to add a lattice on top for growing jasmine and passion fruit vines. Thanks for your advice!

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RE: Fencing limits in Berkeley ()

My understanding is that even a lattice is considered part of the fence height. I got a variance for an arbor in my fence via an "administrative use permit." They take months to get and cost a lot, but possible. Municipal code: https://berkeley.municipal.codes/BMC/23.304.070

RE: Fencing limits in Berkeley ()

You can probably call or visit the permit center and get the correct answer to this question. But I asked my landscape architect about putting in a fence taller than 6 feet - we're on a busy street too. She said we'd either need a variance or the set-back would have to be bigger. There are also rules around trellises in Berkeley. We were told that a trellis above our 6 foot redwood fence would need to be fireproof since our house is considered to be in a fire zone. In other words it would need to be metal. We passed on that.