Fence Replacement in the Time of Covid

Current recommendations for someone to replace fences would be hugely appreciated.  I need basic, utilitarian fences to replace the ones caving in on either side of my house.   Function and cost are my primary concerns.   Thank you. 

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I recommend Mario Gamino, (510) 328-8081 for fences, gates, driveways, irrigation systems, and many other projects.  He's reasonable and also talented.  He has put in a sprinkler system for me and has even done tiling.  He's also very friendly, kind, and professional.

Hi - Wullian Fuilien built a fence and a big gate for us and we were really happy with his work. He’s a super nice guy, reliable and easy to work with. He does all manner of yard and house projects ranging from small to larger scale. He gave us clear cost estimates up front, no surprises.  I highly recommend him. (510) 719-0968

Here are two suggestions for you-both who are well qualified to undertake your fence project. Nefta at 510-421-6951 or Hector at 510-499-3712. I have worked with the former on several projects (large and small) over the years and will hire him again for new ones. Hector spent at least two months on multiple projects for the owners of the house next door including a large deck, a gate and fencing. He did a really fine job and I would hire him if Nefta was unavailable.

For construction projects, I highly recommend Kaya Bridge. He converted our back shed into an office studio for me and also helped to create some custom cabinetry in our kitchen. He's building a deck for one of our friends right now. He is smart, creative and does fantastic work at a reasonable price. 808.498.9705