Female midlife crisis buddy or support group

I am a 42 yr old woman. As of recent, I’ve found myself in the grip of what is most likely the dreaded “midlife crisis”. I sometimes feel like I am on the verge of emotionally self-destructing and taking my marriage down with me. 
Unfortunately, my insurance doesn’t cover therapy and I can’t afford it. 
I wonder if there are any support groups focusing on this issue? Or perhaps someone here is going through the same thing and would like to chat about it? 

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 I just wanted to drop a line to say that there is an agency called Liberation Institute in SF that offers full sliding scale therapy. If you can only pay $1 per session that’s okay. They also do zoom sessions. 

Try reaching out to The Psychotherapy Institute. They have a sliding scale from $40-$120/session. If this is still too expensive, they might have some other suggestions where you can receive help. I have been seeing a therapist from here for the past year for menopausal issues and she has helped me so much. I highly recommend. 

How to Start Therapy | The Psychotherapy Institute (tpi-berkeley.org)